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(for editors fAQs (Frequently Asked Questions frequently asked questions about the Wikipedia. To be part of the discussion see Wikipedia talk:Categorization. Clarification needed, what categories already exist? This is to avoid the situation where someone is placing an article into multiple categories, someone else is populating a category with multiple articles and parent categories, while someone else is trying to restructure part of the category. The problem may resolve itself within minutes, but sometimes it may take longer, in some cases days, even months. For individual cases use the "pipe-trick Expand the category notation to include the desired sorting key after a pipe sign (syntax is similar to Wikipedia:piped link, but the effect is different). References and External links) and before any inter-wiki language links and stub templates (see Wikipedia:Layout ).


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Spanking sex pornokino thüringen How do I report bugs? How do I categorize categories which have a main article? Editing articles See also : meta:MediaWiki User's Guide: Using Categories. (Not every skin has them at the bottom;.g. Benefits of template usage include the ability to populate more than one category with a single template, inclusion of text to explain the rationale of a given categorization(s the ability to readily include/exclude certain pages or types of pages, and. The category and the article often have the same name. See also : Wikipedia:Categories, lists, and navigation templates, Wikipedia:Article series, Wikipedia:Incumbent series. Cat Scan, also at the Toolserver, can be used to find subcategories. See meta:Categorization requirements for the original purpose of the feature, and. Maintenance categories are often added by templates,., rather than by the "wikilink" structure.
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See more details at WP:sortkey. Special:Categories there are many thousands listed but you can jump through them using the search box. See Wikipedia:Category deletion policy#Speedy renaming procedure. When appropriate, however, a navigation template organizes links in a far more useful way than categories. It is optimal for browsing, where the user need not keep bouncing back and forth between the categories of "main" pages and other pages. This is needed especially for sorting people by surname, leaving out articles The" and "A from the beginning of names, and other cases when preferred sorting key is not identical with article name; Such as grouping people with surnames starting with 'Mac'. Cologne Blue has them at top right.) Known issues Reported categorisation bugs can be seen at Phabricator. For instance City and Category:Cities. Maintenance categories are usually "hidden" from view and can be seen only by registered users who have set their preferences to see hidden categories, which is easy to do: Go to Preferences Appearance Scroll down to Advanced options Check. Further information on this topic can be found at Wikipedia:Categories, lists, and navigation templates. Despite the difference in how they are maintained, it is sometimes convenient to think spanking sex pornokino thüringen of a category as a list of articles. Similarly, when a sub-category belongs to a parent category, it will contain a special link to the parent category's page. Categories allow articles to be placed in one or more groups, and allow those groups to be further categorized. Similarly, each category can be a member of more than one parent category.

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